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A Blitz Memory…

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In response to my appeal for Blitz memories, Ralph Gayton, of Norwich, has sent the following:

The Lockwood Family around 1941 before Margaret was born

“Although I was only rising six at the time the events of that day and night, Monday 27th April, 1942, remain vivid in my memory.

My aunt Hilda (Lockwood) and her three children, Beryl, 11, Jack 7, and Margaret, 3 months, had visited our house at Knowsley Road that afternoon.

It was a lovely warm spring day and we enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon together. Beryl, who had passed the 11 plus, was looking forward to starting at the Blyth School. My cousin Jack and I played together. When they left at about 4.30 Beryl rode her bicycle and my local friend, Malcolm, and I laughed as she wobbled off home to 65 Rosebery Road.

The next morning we learned that Rosebery Road had been hit in the raid the previous night, a night of terror as the bombs seemed to fall without pause. My mother, father and I spent that night, and many others, in our Anderson shelter.

Our worst fears were realised when we learned on the Tuesday morning that No 63 and 65 Rosebery Road had been hit and that my aunt and three cousins had been killed. Cousin Margaret, at three months old, was the youngest victim of the raid. My uncle, my mother’s brother, was an Air Raid Warden and had been on duty at the Warden’s post at the far end of Rosebery Road. He had the terrible experience of discovering the deaths of his family after the raid.

The second raid on the Wednesday renewed the fear and terror of the Monday night and I recall the shivering and teeth chattering I experienced.”

If you have a story of the Norwich Blitz, or of any of the air raids directed against the city, please post it to me via my website – – or email me at



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